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Women have been attributed with magical abilities for centuries; many years ago, they were called witches. And who are modern-day witches? They are successful women - both with regard to their professional as well as private lives. They can handle any situation - sometimes they are strong, steadfast and persistent, and sometimes tender, caring and loving. That's what their magic is about! Women draw their power from many sources, and one of them is the Earth element. And thus, Hexeline has dedicated the spring-summer 2020 collection to the energy of the Earth.

The Earth – the source of life and home. The Earth has always been the element identified with female energy. It refers not only to fertility and abundance but also to constancy, stability and perseverance. The first woman named Lilith - described in ancient myths as the first wife of the biblical Adam was created from the Earth. Strong, independent and indomitable Lilith was the opposite of the obedient and fragile Eve. She emanated incredible self-confidence and she was never afraid to express herself. Due to her disobedient character, this figure was often demonised. And how would it be nowadays? Today, she would be considered a modern, independent and mature woman. Firm, conscious, strong and beautiful.

The Hexeline collection for the spring-summer 2020 season is a sophisticated proposition that will add distinctive colours to your everyday reality. It will be perfect for business meetings, evening outings and celebrating special moments. The excellent quality materials wrap the body and delight fashion lovers.

Passion, energy, and determination. What would the magical world of HEXE be without them? We dress a modern witch not only with courage and femininity. We offer her vivid colours, mysterious black and seductive fuchsia captured in designs of dresses, suits or trousers tailored to the needs of a real woman. White, green and navy blue are the ideal shade palette to highlight the element and energy that comes from Hexeline.

The latest collection offers delicate and pleasant natural fabrics for the skin, including linen, cotton and silk. The sports style is perfectly combined with casual cuts, giving the opportunity to create a unique outfit. Evening dresses enchant with their elegance. They accentuate not only the silhouette's attributes, but also the richness and charm of the female heart. Stripes, dots, checks or geometric patterns are tempting patterns inspiring creativity and encouraging the co-creation of the HEXE world.

Let the magic happen! Hexeline magic.