Collection AW

In the past, women were perceived as weak and fragile. What about today? Today, a woman has power. Today, a woman rushes on ahead reaching out to make her dreams come true without any fear. She takes the stand when she is told to be quiet. She no longer must hide herself under any mask as at last she can be authentic; attractive inside and outside, which is highlighted by her clothing. She has a down-to-earth attitude, but she believes in the energy and mystical power of symbols and talismans. She is a contemporary sorceress, hexa, magician - a woman of success. She knows exactly what she wants and how to achieve it. She is a Hexeline woman.

It is customarily believed that the world is made up of four elements. Few people, however, are aware of the existence of the fifth element. This is the Spirit emanating the strongest energy from among all of them. The force that binds all the elements, the state of equilibrium between them, the primordial being for everything. The Spirit, that is the unity and omnipotence. On the one hand, inexpressible, and on the other hand, personificated by the Woman.

The same woman as you are. Self-confident, strong, charismatic. A contemporary witch who embraces the mess of life on an everyday basis. A witch who can handle any situation and is perfect regardless of her role - wife, mother, lover, or businesswoman. A woman of great power who doesn't intend to hide it at all. Her style is the expression of that.

The Hexeline 2019/20 autumn/winter collection is dedicated to such woman. Elegant and casual at the same time. Universal and impressive.

Airy silks, transparent cyphers, glittering satins, taffeta and velvet turn into natural and warm wool (wool, cashmere, merino, mohair) and noble jacquards. They are complemented by soft and pleasant to the touch cotton and modal and breathable viscose and lyocell. This diversity of textures and fibres is combined by a pleasant palette of colours, dominated by warm shades of brown, ginger, orange, red and beige, green tones of lime and khaki, as well as subdued colours of grey, white, navy blue and black.

The collection of the brand offers, among others, outer garments: jackets and classic, timeless coats made of high-quality wool, with the use of 'double face' technique; knitted fabrics - both fitted and oversized; midi and maxi dresses and elegant shirts and trousers. The collection is complemented by spectacular and eye-catching accessories.